An Excellent Guide to Lubrication


When it comes to good, slippery, multi-orgasmic, wetter sex, it’s always better. It does not matter whether you are in the shower, in a bag or in nature; you do not want to leave this to chance.

Your body’s natural lubricants are wonderful, but not always as much as you might wish.

Taking birth control pills or other medications can reduce your body’s ability to produce the right lubricant, and even if it is a juicer, there is an excellent lubricant at hand that will give you peace of mind if you are experiencing some stress, or if you end up having a sexual marathon. Entering a pharmacy and standing in front of the lubrication section can be intimidating if you are not used to all the options.

Here’s an easy way to understand the variety of lubricants available.

Basic Lubrication Guide

Water-based: It is always safe to use with condoms and will not stain your sheets like other drugs do. Water based lubricants are also easier to clean. You can get them in many tastes, but look for one without glycerin, which contains sugars that can feed yeast and irritate women prone to fungal infections.


Based on oil and oil: oil is great for whole body massage, but is not suitable for masturbation or sexual intercourse. If you use oil-based oil or grease for any of these purposes, keep in mind that they will give you good slippage for only a few minutes and that you will need to replenish it regularly if it lasts longer. In addition, oil and oil based lubricants can damage latex condoms, so keep in mind!

Silicone based: these are the Valm favorite lubricants because they are the most slippery and durable. They do not have water, which means that they do not dry out and do not evaporate during use. They are also not absorbed into the skin, so you may need a little soap and water to clean it well. They may be a little more expensive, but you don’t need as much silicone-based lubricant as you need a different type. You can find them in aromatic and warm options.

You may need to try out a few options before finding the one you really love. You hear only what you are going to use and try this new lubricant to see if it gets so slippery and hot that you will have several orgasms.

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